Episode 0 - Why I'm doing this podcast

Episode 0 - a brief summary of why I am creating this podcast series.

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Published: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 07:37:52 GMT


Hi, I'm Mark.

I've been working professionally in software development for over 25 years.

Early in my career I was identified as being good at software development and someone that could get stuff done.

And like many in that situation I was pushed into management.

I was luckier than most and provided training and mentoring in what most would recognise as traditional management techniques. And while this worked, those management techniques never felt like natural bed fellows with software development.

Over the years I've spent a lot of effort to educate myself in why; and to find a better way than those traditional approaches.

Like many IT leaders at the time I found those alternatives.

I was certainly not unique in this.

I was benefiting from the great work done by others - standing on the shoulders of giants.

In many circles, these approaches are now seen as the norm.

During my career I've held roles reporting into the top table - into the execute level - however, I've found that I've struggled to articulate these alternative approaches to the owners of the purse strings.

And that has caused me a level of frustration in my own abilities to convey the benefits.

So back in 2016, I started a series of articles explain those benefits. Those articles are available via red-folder.com.

This podcast series is an extension of that work.

So who should be listening?

If like me, you are in position where you want to convince others of the benefits, then this podcast will help you with that.

Maybe you are a senior developer, team lead, development manager or even a CTO - you're trying to extol the virtues of a better way to your leadership;

Then I hope this series can help you in doing that.

But this podcast is primary targeted at those that hold the purse strings;

I believe this podcast has value for anyone who funds software developer - which is pretty much anyone involved in running a business today. So we are talking owners, directors, managers everywhere.

So do you work for or own a business?

Congratulations ... you are working for a technology business.

Today all businesses rely on technology

And if you aren't exploiting technology then you are falling behind.

It doesn't matter what size, age or maturity your company is - technology should be one of the most important things to you.

Gone are the days that IT should be seen as a cost ... a necessary evil ... an overhead to the running of the "real" business.

More and more business are taking advantage of technology to find customers. make markets, and succeed ... sometimes in unexpected directions.

So regardless of if you just have a simple website, or you have world leaning technological solutions - your business is a technology company.

The question because more how you are using it and are you getting the best return on your investment?

These podcasts will have a heavy bias to the return on investment. So while I will undoubtedly discuss technical concerns during the series, it will be anchored back to why this matters to the bottom line.

So join me in my journey to convince the world how to get better return on investment from their software development.