Thinking about true innovation

Have you ever sat down and really thought about what true innovation looks like in your industry?

And I don't mean incremental change. I mean something so industry changing that its redefined from that point onwards.

Take this as an example;

For the last few years, I've been doing work for the gambling section; when I look at that industry, what would be the most fundamental innovation that could be achieved?

From the customer perspective, the biggest innovation would be the removal of risk. The ability to gamble with no chance of monetary loss.

Before you get too excited, no I've not found a way to do that (I'd hardly be blogging about it if I had).

But it is that type of fundamental change to an industry that I'm talking about when it comes to true innovation.

While there is constant change within the gambling sector, its really just incremental improvements. All brands are offering very similar offerings - with better odds being offered day-to-day from any one of them.

And I certainly don't mean technology changes. Adding AI or Blockchain does not fundamentally change an offering. It may incrementally improve it, but it is not a fundamental innovation.

And to be honest, most of us will never stumble upon that true innovation.

So why spend time thinking about what true innovation looks like?

Well, it forces us to lift our heads from the day-to-day, the endlessly reactive to-do list. It helps us to stop being busy doing busy work and giving us a chance to take stock and verify if we have our priorities straight.

Almost certainly, you will start by thinking from the customers perspective. What problem are you trying to solve for them? Do you ever understand what the problems is? And where the biggest gripes are?

That small mindset change in itself can be transformation. Simply resetting your perspective from the to-do list to "what does the customer value?" often will initiate immediate changes of priority.

How often do we work on "super important, priority #1 things" without actually knowing if the customer has any value in it?

Its about taking a fresh look with fresh eyes.

And who knows, you might just stumble over true innovation.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars” Norman Vincent Peale

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While hiring the Rockstar developer may seem desirable, I talk about why they my not be the best thing for getting ROI on your Software Development

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I'd like to invite you to join the new Better ROI from Software Development LinkedIn Group

I've created the group because I believe;

  1. Every business today is a technology business
  2. At some point every business will rely on Software Development
  3. Software Development, when done well, will materially affect business outcomes
  4. Software Development can be a complex and expensive to do well
  5. There wasn't a forum for business leaders to get help

And this is what the group is aiming to resolve.

Whatever ROI means to you and your business, I want the group to provide advice to any and all questions you may have related to achieving it through Software Development.

Anyone is welcome to join the group; but it is primarily aimed at those that invest in Software Development (C-level) and those that help them to achieve the best outcomes (IT Management).

So whether your organisation has its own mobile apps, extensive line of business systems or just a simple promotional website - I look forward to your questions.

Stay safe. Mark

About the author:

Mark Taylor is an experience IT Consultant passionate about helping his clients get better ROI from their Software Development.

He has over 20 years Software Development experience - over 15 of those leading teams. He has experience in a wide variety of technologies and holds certification in Microsoft Development and Scrum.

He operates through Red Folder Consultancy Ltd.