Software Development Health Check

Get better ROI from Software Development

Software Development causing you a headache?

Your business is being held back by Software Development.

You're kept awake at night by fears over your Software Development.

You worry that it isn’t keeping pace with your business needs.

You’ve tried to resolve it yourself; you’ve set targets, you’ve encouraged, you’ve cajoled, you’ve been driven half insane with techno-babble – but your tried and tested management techniques aren’t working – if anything they are producing negative effects.

Imagine your Software Development being a catalyst

Imagine Software Development as a major enabler to your business. Imagine it giving you a competitive advantage.

Imagine your fears are gone. That your Software Development is something to be proud of.

Get help from a Software Development expert


As someone that has been a development nerd for over 20 years, I can help.

I spend a considerable amount of time understanding techno-babble – so you don’t have to.


My Software Development Health check is a service designed to evaluate the ROI you are getting.

I looks at the unique needs of your business. Review your current capabilities. Then report back with actionable meaningful advice.

Think of it as a report card on how Software Development is done in your business.

Here’s what it typically looks like:

A call to ensure that the service is right for you.

2 days of onsite interviews with key stakeholders and your developers.

A written report providing recommendations tailored to your priorities.

An onsite presentation of the reports findings.

Ready to go?

Interested in getting better Return On Investment from your Software Development?

The price is £5,000 (exc VAT and expenses) – easily recouped in ROI improvements.

Just drop me an email. We can schedule a call and see how I can help you

Not sure if this service is right for you?

If you’ve read this far, then I’d say yes.

My rough rule of thumb; if you’ve got a large dedicated Software Development function that is working well – then I’ll probably not add as much value.

If however, you’d see yourself as a small to medium organisation whose business is not Software Development, but you rely heavily on it – then I expect I can add value.

The fact you read this far would indicate you think you need help.

Availability is limited

Due to the manually intensive nature of the Health Check; unfortunately I’m only able to offer a limited number per month.

Again for a no-commitment chat, contact me on [email protected].

If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll say so.

Still have questions?

Not a problem, contact me on: